Masters Technicians

Plastic surgeons truly are not only master technicians and wizards of the human body and the way that works, but also artist. Knowing exactly which muscles to cut and how and which to leave and also exactly where to remove and knowing how the face will move requires years and years of experience and also a steady hand. For this reason the life of a plastic surgeon is relatively brief as their steadiness of their hand and their aesthetic sense often times will only go inside for a solid twenty years. In the next blog post we will discuss more kinds of surgeries. We will discuss the different kinds of surgeries that are available to you and the benefits and risks for each. Also let’s discuss the cost and also what you can expect if you got the surgery.

The first thing you think about when you were thinking about getting plastic surgery is to take an honest look at yourself and your body and your face. Aging is a natural part of life and is something that happens to all of us and happens to everyone. The phrase age with grace really mean something and it is something to consider before entering into consideration of what this will mean. It is important when you are starting your search for consideration of plastic surgery that you have an honest appraisal of the things on your face or on your body that you don’t like and what they really mean to you. Ultimately this decision is about you and you alone and you need to be happy with your own looks and be comfortable in your own skin. However it is possible that you may be obsessing about a certain part of your body too much and actually it does not look that bad. This is where a trusted friend or someone who you think looks really good would be a good resource in order to speak to them and get their honest opinion . If you have any friends who are plastic surgeons and you trust them or you like their work this is also another great resource. It is important not to only ask plastic surgeons what they think.

If they are scrupulous and are not just trying to make money than they will give you their honest opinion about what they think you could use or do for making yourself beautiful people . However if they are not scrupulous than they may recommend that you have a surgery done that is actually not in your best interest and they are just trying to make money. Once you have done this it is important to then do your research. Go on Google and look up the surgery that you are thinking of having done and look at the before and after photos so that you have an idea of what actually occurs when this is happening and also what you have to expect when it’s over. Another important thing to do is to look at someone’s face to have someone who is famous for a actor or maybe just someone who you respect and bring that to a surgeon and tell them that that is what you are aiming for. Visual aids are extremely helpful for everything aesthetic from haircuts to plastic surgery. If your doctor knows what you’re looking for then he knows what to aim for and also can recommend the certain procedures that will get you to this place.

Often times these days it is not one surgery that achieves a certain look but a combination of fillers and surgeries and perhaps laser treatments that create the overall look that you are going for. A good plastic surgeon will also have access to these other dermatological options and will be able to make a strong recommendation. It is important to note here however that you need to be honest and also realistic about what you are trying to achieve. You want to find someone as a visual touchstone who is generally close to your age and also the way that you look now. People start to look very strange when they try and look like someone who is either much younger than they are or doesn’t naturally look like them to begin with. It is when you try to drastically change your look that often you just begin to exchange and not beautiful and you are just trading one strange look for another while throwing away thousands of dollars. What you have done this then if you have not already it is important to go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Not Just For Aesthetics…

Plastic surgery is not just for aesthetics. Oftentimes plastic surgery is necessary after an accident such as a car crash or when someone experiences burns from a fire, but it is important to differentiate these two types of plastic surgery as one is elective and one is arguably extremely necessary. There are many plastic surgeons who only work in reconstructive and therapeutic surgery in order to help people restore the book of their former face or even to have them restore the book of their body or any service at all in the case of an extreme accident. This sort of emergency plastic surgery is different from elective surgery in that it is very necessary for the patient to have it done possibly so the injuries heal correctly where is if it is left untreated then they will have an open area and perhaps look very grotesque.

Patients who do not have plastic surgery after major accidents or after major burns often suffer severe depression because of the change and how they look. This sort of plastic surgery is different from elective plastic surgery and it is important that we differentiate the two before moving forward. The doctors who do this sort of therapeutic plastic surgery are heroes in my mind and are responsible for restoring some semblance of normalcy to someone’s life after a catastrophe has occurred to them.

These doctors will often work in war zones where people are experiencing catastrophes from war like Burns and shrapnel and explosions that they are surviving. There is an operation that goes to war zones with the Red Cross to work with civilians to help restore their faces after they have experienced a bombing or are burned from shelling or bullets. This is often part of the Red Cross and these doctors work for little or no pay simply for the greater good to help those who are in need. There also plastic surgeons who work strictly for the US Army and their whole responsibility is to help return the soldiers again back to some level of normalcy with how they look and their face so they can return to their families and their home life without horrible disfigurement.

These doctors often work for much less and earn a lot less than aesthetic plastic surgeons working in major cities. In my mind this makes them heroes just as much as the doctors who are creating prosthetics for veterans returning from war or the doctors that seal up the bullet holes when they return from battle. This sort of plastic surgery is not frivolous and deserves a place of honor for those that choose this path. The past for those who want to get into the plastic surgery field requires the same set of pre qualifications that any doctor requires. First you need to major in a science as an undergraduate and get a Bachelor of Science with adequate grades to qualify for medical school. Then you must apply and get accepted to a medical school and graduate hopefully with this as your idea of major. Then you need to do your residency as well just like any other doctor.

However being a plastic surgeon is not the same as simply being a heart surgeon or a gastrointestinal surgeon. All surgeons need a lot of experience and a steady hand and a working knowledge of anatomy and what they are doing. But a plastic surgeon also need something more. A plastic surgeon requires the hand of a sculptor and an aesthetic sense as well as a medical and technical ability. It is this that sets the plastic surgeon apart from other doctors or other surgeons. This field requires you to also have not just a steady hand and a working knowledge of anatomy but also an idea of what is beautiful and what you can do while someone’s face is wide open and you are cutting and pinching and cutting and stitching that when you fold it back over and it feels how it will look. This sort of surgery and body modification with the human body with warm gooey stretchy living flesh is probably the most challenging sculpture that you can think of. What other medium like stone or wood is as soft and fluffy, grows back, can get infected, and also when it wakes up will talk to you and possibly sue you if they don’t look great!

Modern Plastic

Plastic surgery can be seen as something very modern and contemporary or something that is only restricted to rich people or movie stars along the coast. But this idea is not totally accurate. It’s important for the sake of this discussion to also first delve into body and face modification not only to our history but in other forms in the current day. Body modification and changing the look of the face is not something exclusive to the modern day or to Western cultures whatsoever. Let us breakdown throughout history the different sorts of body modification that have occurred in different cultures.

It’s important to remember that  body modification and changes to the face or something that have been parts of tribes and cultures for centuries. In certain tribes in the South of Africa the women in particular modify the look of their lips and their ears. This is achieved through stretching over years and years. The gauges that are placed inside the lips and also inside the ear lobes stretch and stretch over the course of the girl’s life until womanhood when they can become as large as three inches in diameter. This is seen as a source of status as well as a sign of control and domination from the male-dominated society. This sort of body modification is analogous to present-day plastic surgery in that it conforms to a certain type of beauty and also a certain element of society that believes that a certain look is not only beautiful but also a kind of prestige.

Prestige is a big part of the plastic surgery appeals. Often times plastic surgery is very obvious after it is done. A nose has a certain shape and this shape and construction is often times the hallmark or the trademark of the specific surgeon. The people who get the plastic surgery know that they look like they have had surgery done but this is part of the appeal and to begin with. It is a status symbol that shows that they can afford the plastic surgery and also have a place to go to the man who will give them the right shape. In this regard it is very similar to the African tribes of South Africa in that it is not about achieving a natural look. The women who grotesquely, to our eyes, deform their lower lips and ears are certainly not looking for a natural beautiful look. They are trying to project their wealth and the wealth of their husbands in changing the look of their face.

So too in Beverly Hills do you see women with impossibly small noses and type of faces who no one would consider naturally beautiful or having a natural look whatsoever. However that is not the goal and the goal is simply to look like you can afford to have your face done in the first place. In ancient tribes in islands like Java the women and men place sticks inside of their noses and their ears. This sort of body modification was to signify one’s status in the tribe and also was seen as beautiful. Again this is it was treated for the a good example of the connection between modern-day plastic surgery and our Western culture and the connection to body modification of what we would consider more primitive tribes. The desire to change the look of your face and a dramatic or extreme way has been around forever. Ancient Europeans would paint their faces and oftentimes were afraid of any sort of cutting. In the modern-day plastic surgery is available to almost anyone and in the next blog post will break down the different sorts of plastic surgeries, their pros and cons and also what you can expect if you are getting them.

Of all the many different kinds of surgeries there are pluses and minuses and also things that you need to watch out for. With all of my experience in this field and with working with doctors and patients I can give a qualified recommendation on everything from just fillers to full on plastic surgery and dramatic facelifts. Let’s dive deeper into the next few blog posts together and please email me with any questions.

Plastic Surgery

Once only thought for the very rich or very famous, plastic surgery has become extremely common all over the world. Plastic surgery has come a very long way in its safety and also how effective and subtle it can be. Face lifts used to be very extreme procedures with extreme results and now a good surgeon can give even the lower budget client a beautiful and youthful looking face. After surgery is not that extreme as it used to be. There are small procedure that one can get the that oftentimes will totally go unnoticed but will have a profound effect on the look of beauty of the patient. One of these is a chin tuck. The skin underneath the chin is cut away and sewn together and the tiny scar is right in the divot between the throat and the underside of the chin. Removing this small bit of skin and makes people look up to fifteen years younger. Another small operation is an eye lift. This can be very helpful for those who have bags under their eyes. To do this small incisions are made close to the outside of the eyeball and a small amount of skin is cut away.

The scar is on the right of the of the eye socket. Again this is a simple procedure that can have profound effects on the look and beauty of the patient. But plastic surgery is not just for the face anymore. There are all kinds of augmentation that can be done to other parts of the body as well. For instance breast implants have been around forever. But this only comes in one size or two sizes. Now they come in all different kinds of sizes and also come in different kinds of materials that get a different look and a different size to everyone. This means that some people who never wanted to have big Pamela Anderson like breasts can now have breast augmentation and get a cleavage that they are happy about. But why stop at the breast? Now you can have implants put into your glute muscles and get a butt implant as well. Again these used to be very strange looking at with a lot of recovery but now they are very popular. But you must be careful when you get this done as any excess pressure can cause them to leak or rupture. In South America breast and butt augmentation happen much more regularly than they do in the United States. But in the United States there are many more face lifts. If you go to Asia the most common classic surgery is to augment the bridge of the nose which is often flat in East Asian faces. This creates more shape on the face and also allows sunglasses and eyeglasses to be worn.

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery it is very important to pick a good plastic surgeon. No reason to choose a plastic surgeon you don’t believe in. A good plastic surgeon is somewhere between a plumber a doctor and a sculptor. Not only does he need to be techincially proficient but he also and needs to have an artistic eye and also be able to create beautiful things in a way that you like. You should check out his past work and his past clients to see if they have faces that you find beautiful with features that you can relate to. Ultimately this is up to you and it is your face and your beauty that you are hanging onto. Plastic Surgery has come such a long way there’s no reason to be afraid of going under the knife to make yourself more beautiful or be happier with how you look in the mirror. Just be sure that your surgeon has references and then you have checked all his references and hopefully can see pictures of his prior work.

Now go out there and be the most beautiful person that you can be inside and out. If you are a man they’re still very good plastic surgeries that will make you look as good as you can look. You can have your abdominal section chiseled into the book of AB that you have a year round. And also have muscles and abs implanted in to make sure the you of a sculpted look no matter what. If you are tired of going to the gym then this might be the answer for you as well. You can also have surgery done to your face as well because why shouldn’t men also try and look their best at all times? Plastic surgery isn’t just for one gender or the other it is for anybody who wants to make themselves look as beautiful as possible.